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Maldives Travel News


Maldives Travel News

Though the My Maldives has a reputation for being an ultra-lavish destination, it is still possible to visit on a budget. You can save on airfare by scouting out connections through Europe or Asia, and you can also keep your costs down by staying at a resort like Summer Island (which offers a variety of activities aimed at kids). Food and alcohol are expensive in the Maldives due to the high cost of importing them, but many resorts bundle those expenses into their nightly rate.

The Maldives has reopened its borders to travelers, though the capital city of Male remains off limits, as are some non-resort islands. The majority of the country’s coronavirus cases were in the densely populated capital. The government has halted curfew hours on the capital’s beaches, and tourists who have received the required vaccines no longer need to provide a PCR test upon arrival.

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The Maldives is a coral reef paradise, and many resorts have their own house reefs where guests can snorkel. However, you can also explore the pristine waters by renting a boat to visit neighboring islands or going on an excursion away from a resort. Local islands are also great places to enjoy a beachside lunch or dinner. In addition, you can help conserve the reefs by participating in one of several ongoing coral planting initiatives on resort islands, including at Summer Island, where you can plant pieces of a 3D-printed reef.

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