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Campus Apartments


A campus apartments is a great option for students who want more freedom and independence than dorms can offer. Unlike dorms, apartments usually don’t have furniture provided (although some might). Depending on the property, students will either need to buy or rent their own furnishings. They will also be responsible for utilities and internet, which may not be included in their rent. Often, students must complete a credit and background check to move into a student apartment.

Is University of Pennsylvania urban or rural?

The best part about living on campus is that you’re close to all the action – classes, labs, the library and college union are all within walking distance. You’ll have a chance to meet so many different people and form lifelong friendships. And, if you’re ever sick or feeling under the weather, there’s nothing better than having peers as neighbors, a health center on campus and RAs who are looking out for you!

Located only one block from Columbia University, this new building offers an exciting living experience. Floor lounges with balcony seating, meeting rooms, spacious bedrooms and private bathrooms for each suit are just some of the features.

With a full-time resident director and assistants on site to assist students, this complex is an extension of your school’s academic community. The entire complex is secured by card access, and university police patrol regularly. All of this creates a safe environment where your student will thrive. In addition to the comforts and convenience of this modern apartment, your student will be only a few blocks away from Morningside Park and Columbia University.

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