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Playground Painting Ideas


Playground Painting Ideas

Between kids slamming it with their hands, feet, and toys, playground equipment takes quite a beating. And though it’s made to withstand years of wear and tear, that doesn’t mean you should neglect to protect it. By taking a few simple steps to paint playground equipment, you can make it more attractive and durable so it can provide kids with years of fun.

Adding Playground Painting Ideas games and markings to your school playground is an easy way to make it more interesting. There are several different painting techniques that you can use to achieve a range of effects, including traditional paint and specialised materials such as thermoplastic.

Bright and Whimsical: Creative Playground Painting Ideas for Kids

To get started, draw out your main design using a chalk line. Then, have volunteers begin taping the corresponding areas. Once the volunteers are ready, you can start applying the paint. You can choose to apply a single coat, or two depending on the color and weather conditions.

If you’re looking for a high-durability paint, consider Durabak. This water-based coating resists fade in the sun and comes in 18 different colors. It’s also non-toxic and easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for playground surfaces.

If you want to add some educational content, try stencils with spray paint. For example, the large leaf set stencil teaches kids to identify leaves of various types, including elm, oak, and maple. You can also use stencils to create custom logos and other designs that complement your brand identity.

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