Stubbing Wharf Blog PC Gaming 2023 News and Trailers

PC Gaming 2023 News and Trailers


A fresh batch of PC gaming news and trailers hit the web, including a new game in the 30XX series, a stealth tactics sim from Mimimi Games, and a grim city management simulation from 11 Bit Studios. Plus, a new budget PC from Lenovo, an affordable rig from HP, and a prebuilt that can handle next-gen graphics.

What games should I play in 2023 PC?

First revealed at the pc gaming 2023, roguelike sidescrolling platformer 30XX leaves early access for a full launch in August. Take on randomly generated levels and permadeath in this Mega Man-inspired game, with the option to play in local or online co-op.

The team behind Mutant: Year Zero, Road to Eden, and Jorel’s Brother share a new look at their dystopian world in this survival sim. Adapt to survive as you explore, hunt for resources, and fight off the undead.

Action roguelite Vampire Survivors gets a 1.0 update with a new dungeon, character build options, and more. The upcoming title from Pathfinder Games adds a roguelike element with multiple classes to choose from, blending action and strategy gameplay with a rich story.

A one-stop shop for those looking to buy a gaming PC and don’t want to mess with building it themselves, this configuration from HP is a great option. Housed inside the slick Omen chassis, this gaming rig features a powerful Intel Core i7 CPU and a high-end RTX GPU. It’s also upgradeable and comes with a handy water cooling system.

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