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How to Find the Best Eye Drops in Australia


best eye drops in Australia can be a quick and effective way to relieve discomfort caused by dry eyes. There are many different types of eye drops available and the best one will depend on the cause of your discomfort. Some eye drops are used to help with irritants like dust or other particles in the air, others to reduce inflammation and others may be able to treat glaucoma. It’s important to talk to your optometrist about the type of eye drop that will benefit you most.

Top-Rated Eye Drops Available in Australia

Over the counter lubricating eye drops are a great option for dry eye relief as they can help to bring moisture back into the eye. Some lubricating eye drops also contain anti-redness ingredients that can reduce the appearance of redness in the eye, making them look whiter and brighter.

Antibiotic eye drops are another type of medicated eye drops that can be used to help fight bacterial infections in the eye. Bacteria are single-celled microbes that can reproduce quickly and release toxins, which can damage cells or cause illness in the body, according to Health Direct, Australia’s virtual public health service. Antibiotic eye drops work by killing bacteria in the eye to help prevent an infection and speed up healing, but they are not appropriate for everyone and should be only used as directed.

Lastly, there are specialised eye drops that can be prescribed by your optometrist if you suffer from chronic dry eyes. The new PBS approved treatment Cationorm is a preservative-free, hydrating and lubricating emulsion that uses cationic nanoemulsion technology to target and manage dry eye disease.

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