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Andrew Tate Real World Review


Andrew tate real world is a site that offers training to help participants become millionaires. The program was created by a former professional kickboxer and entrepreneur named Andrew Tate. The program’s marketing material claims that it can teach participants to be successful businessmen and earn huge sums of money. However, it’s important to approach such claims with skepticism and critically evaluate the program’s offerings.

Inside Perspective: Andrew Tate’s Journey on ‘The Real World: Chicago

The site operates as a business school with a focus on internet marketing. The campus’ tutors (known as professors) share their expertise with students through video lectures and a dedicated chat room. The professors have been hand-picked by Tate and have each made millions through the course of their career.

Students are encouraged to work unsustainably long hours and are expected to promote the school on their social media accounts in return for a commission on any new members they recruit. The program has been accused of being a pyramid scheme, although the company denies it.

While the academy’s marketing material and promotional videos portray a picture of success, leaked posts and recorded presentations shared with VICE News paint a different picture. Some of these posts come from formerly enrolled students, many of whom are young men with limited incomes who have committed more time and money to the programme than they can afford. They report being trapped in a cycle of hero worship and being pressured to work unsustainably long hours, in some cases up to 16 hours per day.

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