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Low Hour Pilot Jobs


Many Low Hour Pilot Jobs turn to Air Taxi flying as a way to build hours and experience. These operations usually employ single engine aircraft and often offer scenic flights around popular destinations like beaches or tourist areas. A great option for those who enjoy low slow flying with the added bonus of a decent hourly rate!

Banner towing and sight seeing tours are another popular job choice for low hour pilots looking to build flight hours. These jobs involve a lot of low and slow flying and may require a lot of leg work. However, they can be fun and provide an excellent opportunity to build valuable cross-country hours.

From Novice to Navigator: Pursuing Low Hour Pilot Jobs

Pipeline and power line patrol is another option for low time pilots. Companies that own pipelines or power lines must conduct regular and emergency inspections of their routes. This is done by flying low over the route and checking for leaks and other damage. This type of flying is done mostly by helicopter but there are fixed wing jobs available as well.

Another common career path for low time pilots is becoming a flight instructor. This is a great option to make a living and gain valuable teaching experience while building up flight hours. This is a highly sought after job that has a high turnover but it is an excellent way to build hours and experience before moving on to an airline career.

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