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The SD Inmate Search Tool


lasd inmate search

The lasd inmate search tool enables people to easily locate an inmate that is currently incarcerated. The website allows people to use the first and last name of an inmate as well as their date of birth to find information about them. The website also provides a link that enables people to send money to an inmate.

In addition to regular searches conducted by security staff, inmate housing areas and other common areas are searched every week or more frequently for contraband. All staff members are required to follow a standard pat-down/cursory search procedure with the exception of more invasive searches for transgender and intersex inmates. These more invasive searches shall only be conducted by personnel of the gender requested by the inmate, and when possible, by a supervisor.

Unlocking Information: LASD Inmate Search Explained

As a safety precaution, Department personnel should search inmates for evidence of suicidal behavior or self-harm. The signs of suicidal behavior can include verbal statements, visible superficial “hesitation marks,” excess medication, and bizarre behavior. If an inmate is found to be at risk, a mental health professional should be immediately contacted for an evaluation.

The VINE service is a free, computerized system that allows people to receive daily updates on the status of an inmate. The process is simple and requires only that the person provide a telephone number to which they can be reached. This number can be a home or work telephone number but must be one that is monitored by someone at all times. The person must also register for the VINE service using a valid photo ID.

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