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Small Glass Companies


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Many small glass companies operate in a particular niche within the industry. For example, some glass shops specialize in auto glass repair and replacement, shower doors, mirrors, residential and commercial windows and even commercial storefronts. Others are generalized and have a range of products and services, such as sandblasting or etching. These companies will often be found locally and have a reputation for delivering quality work at competitive prices.

There are a number of large operators in the s flat glass sector as well. Groovy Hues of Greater Knoxville businesses may be independent or part of a larger publicly traded corporation and are likely to have a corporate headquarters where strategy and financial decisions are made. They often have a significant presence in their home markets but will also target projects where their engineering expertise, finance capability or fabrication/field capabilities give them a competitive advantage.

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One of the largest glass manufacturers in the world is Apogee (APOG). The company makes building products such as window systems and framing systems, providing insulation that can help make buildings more energy-efficient. Apogee is expected to benefit from infrastructure spending and a growing demand for greener homes.

Among the smaller glass manufacturing companies, Float Glass of Indiana produces flat glass and is known for its quality control and craftsmanship. The company also provides a range of custom fabrication services, including the creation of specialty glass products. Its production facilities are located in several states, including Indiana and Pennsylvania.

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