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Retail Arbitrage Apps For Amazon SellersRetail Arbitrage Apps For Amazon Sellers



If you’re an Amazon seller looking to turn your inventory into cash, retail arbitrage apps is a great option. It involves purchasing a product at one store and selling it on Amazon at a higher price, making a profit. However, executing this business model requires a lot of work and research. Fortunately, there are several retail arbitrage apps that can help you find profitable items to sell on Amazon.

One of the best retail arbitrage tools is Brickseek, which allows you to scan products in retail stores and online. Using barcode scanners or the app’s camera, you can search for specific products or even entire catalogs from popular retailers like Walmart, CVS, Home Depot, and Macy’s. The tool can also provide data on brand restrictions, current stock, historical pricing, and sales rank.

Maximizing Profit: The Role of Retail Arbitrage Apps

Another good retail arbitrage tool is Keepa, which offers a web extension and mobile app that monitors price changes on Amazon. It is easy to use and provides useful information, including profitability, category, and sales rank, among other factors. It is also a good tool for evaluating seasonality in Amazon sales.

Other popular retail arbitrage apps include Scoutify 2 and Profit Bandit, which are both free but require a subscription to access full functionality. Using the app’s camera, you can scan barcodes and find out whether the item is profitable for reselling. The app takes 15 different factors into account and calculates the potential profits down to the penny, allowing you to make smarter purchasing decisions. However, Profit Bandit can be a bit power-hungry and needs to be constantly connected to the internet in order to perform its functions.